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PAF Museum

Explore Pakistan Air Force Museum completely using this virtual tour just like a real visit! Find all the aircraft, vehicles, missiles, radars, equipment and other archives. Further, go inside the archives gallery and learn about Pakistan Air Force, its history and legacy interactively in a new way interactively.

Ops Swift Retort

Learn more about Operation Swift Retort, the latest encounter that proved PAF’s definite edge of its qualitative training, superior planning and swift execution. Witness a saga of excellence, professionalism and an era of the pro-active approach of PAF Airmen who proved their mettle yet again, that makes PAF ‘Second to None’.

Quaid’s Aircraft

Experience the Vickers Viking 1B-J750, specially built VIP, aircraft that was in personal use of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder & the first governor-general of Pakistan, till his death on 11th September 1948, when he flew from Quetta to Mauripur. This aircraft was retired in 1953 and preserved here in this museum.